A 'sweet' end to our 10 week peer tutoring programme.

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Year 10 tutors and their Year 7 and 8 tutees devour their cream buns as a reward for all their hard work during the term.  

A 'sweet' end to the 2016 peer reading programme.
A 'sweet' end to the 2016 peer reading programme.

Peer reading has been running for over a decade at John McGlashan. We believe that this programme not only fosters a culture of academic success, but it also offers the opportunity for students to develop important social and leadership skills. During term two, sixteen Year 10 students volunteered to tutor some Year 7 and 8 boys in reading, writing and vocabulary extension. Each Tuesday afternoon between 1.30-2.20pm the older boys worked one on one with their buddy in the ELC.  The Year 7 and 8 boys were not the only ones to benefit from this opportunity,  as the older boys also felt they developed some important social and communication skills. 

Below are some of the feedback comments gathered from the boys involved:

Things I got better at:

"Planning my writing". (Yr7)

"Learning the meaning of new words". (Yr7)

"Reading faster". (Yr7)

" Being more patient and listening to my buddy". (Yr10)

"Associating with and getting to know new people". (Yr10)

"Explaining things". (Yr10)

Special thanks to Mrs Guthrie and Mrs Garry for their hard work and support of this programme. Our tutors will be acknowledged at an assembly some time next term.

A 'sweet' end to the 2016 peer reading programme.