The Year 13 cohort visits the Lodge with a purpose.

Sunday 11th February 2024

74 year 13 students spent three days at the Lodge in Te Anau. They set out to achieve three things: experience the environment, learn broader lessons for life and strengthen peer bonds.

Lessons on leadership, problem-solving, effective communication, group strategy and goal setting were delivered by Mr Brown, Mr Casey, Mr Hunter, Mrs Murdoch, Mr Palmer, Mr Porter, Dr Preston and Mr Veitch. Eddie Smith of the NZ Police up-skilled the students on cyber safety, healthy relationships, driver's ed and AOD.

The camp provided a real opportunity for personal growth for all students as they enter their final year at school. Many of the activities took the students well outside their comfort zones and placed them with students beyond their normal peer group. 

This camp confirmed the Lodge as an amazing facility. The grounds and buildings served the students well and the weather played ball for each of the three days. Jason Palmer our recently appointed Operations Manager at the Lodge was delighted to see his first group of students and was impressed with what he saw.

Out of all of the highlights of the camp, one particular event will no doubt be remembered for many years. On Thursday night, all students and staff competed in a karaoke competition. The enthusiasm of everyone was something to behold. After the competition was complete the students spontaneously started their own encore, singing an incredible version of Noah Kahan's "Stick Season".  By the end of the night, the room was full of smiles, laughter and energy. The success of the camp has already confirmed that the 2024 year 13s are a special group of students.