Otago University International Social Trip.

Friday 7th August 2015

On the 30th of July, Otago University’s International Department organised a free sports

evening at Unipol for all the secondary school international students in Dunedin. 

One of the organisers from Otago University International Department
One of the organisers from Otago University International Department

After school, seven international students including myself decided to go, so Mr Mountain organised us a school van and he was the driver.  We left school at 3:45.  In the van, we had Aries, Elliot and Rix from Hong kong, Jin from Korea, myself and Daniel from China and Karl from Germany. Finally we arrived at 4:05 which was just in time. 

The organiser of this event, Josh from the University international team, was already waiting for us in the lobby. He told us to go up stairs and there will be someone managing the activities. So we went up stairs and saw those students whom arrived earlier than us were already making a circle and there was a lady standing inside that circle. The lady told us to join the circle and then she introduced herself. (I couldn’t remember her name but I remembered that she is from America).

 After the introduction, she split us into two groups, one group played badminton and another played table tennis. I really like to play badminton and luckily I was in the badminton group. Then it’s the sports time, I had lots of fun playing badminton with other school’s students and after we played for a while we got a chance to change the sport that we were playing, as a badminton fan, of course I wouldn’t leave the badminton court. Those students not so keen on badminton went to play table tennis or basketball and those who didn’t like basketball and table tennis also came to badminton. 

The activity finished at 5:30. We took a picture together before we left. I think it was a pretty fun activity and we all enjoyed it. We are looking forward to the next activity now.   

Andrew Wang, International Student Rep.

Jin Kim from JMC (right) playing badminton with some of the other students
Rix Chung from Hong Kong