Sunday 4th February 2018

Last Tuesday our Year 9 group braved the heat, both inside the chapel and out on the field, getting to know the school and each other.

Getting the instructions
Getting the instructions

At 1.30pm last Tuesday a number of nervous looking boys walked into the school chapel to begin their inductions afternoon. Mr Garry spoke to them about the special culture of the college and reminded them that 27 boys were not just starting a new school, but had left home as well. Rev. Kelk extended the invitation to come see him in his office any time if they were feeling a little 'wobbly' over the next few weeks, and I explained that the my expectations were that they got it right, and if they got it wrong, to make it right. 

After that it was off to form time for 20 mins to get to know each other a bit better before we headed out to the school field. With the help of a group of fantastic Year 13s we played long ball for 20 mins (all that was possible in that heat!) and then retired under the trees for some team building activities. One was to see how many people you could have on a tarpaulin and still turn it over - the second was seven by 9NCH. The other was how much water you could transfer between two buckets using cups with holes in them - some strategy required there. 9PMC were the most strategic.

I was very impressed with the enthusiasm, energy and positivity of the boys which bodes well for a fantastic year ahead.

Prefects doing their thing
Water transfer in action!
Getting the instructions