John McGlashan goes to Germany!

Wednesday 13th March 2024

Two fortunate young Year 11 men are headed overseas on exciting adventures.

Is there a better way of learning a language than fully immersing yourself over several weeks in the foreign country itself? Certainly not!That's why two Year 11 German students have decided to take on the journey to Deutschland in 2024. Adrian Prasath was awarded the PASCH Jugendkurs Scholarship of the Goethe Institute New Zealand. This fully funded scholarship will send him over to Germany for four weeks with six other German students from New Zealand in July 2024.There, they'll meet German learners from all around the world participating in the same programme. During the course they'll have German lessons everyday while on the weekends they'll go explore everything else that Germany has to offer.On this note, we would like to thank the Goethe Institute for their continuous effort and support of the German language at John McGlashan College. Providing a fully funded scholarship as a chance for students to go to Germany for free cannot be stressed high enough.
Ryan Zhou successfully applied for the Germany New Zealand exchange programme. He'll live in a German host family for seven weeks at the end of the year and even attend the German high school of his exchange partner.Soon afterwards, Ryan and his family will be welcoming his German exchange partner to Dunedin and John McGlashan College in April 2025.The commitment of Adrian and Ryan shows that foreign language learning can definitely get you somewhere. For now, to the other side of the world for a start.The language department would like to congratulate our two students on their achievements and wish them all the best for their exciting times ahead!