Thursday 22nd October 2015

On Friday 16th October eight talented young finalists delivered their speeches to their fellow students. 

The Year 9 Speech Finalists
The Year 9 Speech Finalists

After a series of class competitions, two finalists from each Year 9 class were selected to present at the competition. These finalists were:

- Ben Porter 9DCA

- Nathan Harrison 9JCU

- Martin Page 9GAV

- Max Gutrey 9SPO

- Patrick Zhang 9DCA

- Will Edwards 9JCU

- Bruno Marsh 9GAV

- David Cannon 9SPO

The audience was treated to some fantastic and entertaining  speeches, ranging in topic from the length of school lunchtimes to the importance of sleep. It was a delight to judge and I would like to thank Han Zhang for helping me.

The winners were:

1st Ben Porter 9DCA

2nd David Cannon 9SPO

3rd Nathan Harrison 9JCU

Ben Porter 9DCA - 1st place
Nathan Harrison 9JCU - 3rd place
David Cannon 9SPO - 2nd place