Sunday 23rd June 2019

Being given the chance to give back to the school through being a Deputy Head Boy has been a real privilege and was an opportunity I wanted to make the most of this year.

Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019
Head and Deputy Head Prefects for 2019

Back when I was new to the school the Senior Prefects were people I really looked up to so its a real honour to be appointed one of these roles.

A little about me, I spend most of my time rowing throughout the summer, and I play basketball and rugby in the winter. I would consider myself quite an approachable guy, so never hesitate to come and say hi to me or ask me anything you would like to know. My goals for this year is to achieve well academically and pass the year with university entrance so I can move on to further learning after school and to also have a bit of fun while I’m doing it.

Term two this year has flown past. This is often one of the hardest terms of the year as the weather starts to get colder, and school work starts to increase. It can be easy to start to slack off in this term, but the general feel around the school seems focused and hardworking, which is good to see. We need to keep this up for only a couple more weeks before we can head into the holidays and have a well-deserved rest.

We had a very successful languages week not too long ago. The boys got amongst trying some of the foods from the different cultures. This was topped off by an awesome Friday lunchtime that included a vast variety of different foods and some cultural performances. Many of the boys got involved along with teachers and friends of the college with the organisation and running of this event, so a huge thank you is due to all of these people.

Many boys are going to be very busy finishing off this term with many exciting events coming up in the college. We have the Timaru boys winter sports exchange coming up very soon. Our top winter sports teams will be travelling up to Timaru this year to take on Timaru boys in a huge range of sports. Year 13s also have independence day coming up this Friday. This is a day dedicated to next year, and the boys will be learning about some of the different options and things we need to know to go into next year. There will be old boys coming in to talk about what they are doing, which may give some inspiration to many of the boys who are still unsure about where they would like to go next year.

Even with everything going on we need to remember that at the end of the day our education comes first and we need to stay committed to our academics. With only two weeks to go until the holidays, we need to grit our teeth and get our school work finished so that we can have an enjoyable and restful mid-year break.