Thursday 1st February 2018

Getting an important year off to a great start...

Geoff Ross talking to Year 13.
Geoff Ross talking to Year 13.

Year 13 is the culmination of many years work, it sets the lads up for 'the real world' and they are suddenly, like it or not, thrust into leadership. So to help prepare them, I planned a day out to Warrington Beach for some team building and leadership activities, a guest speaker, goal setting and a bit of fun. However, the rain came and the trip was called off yet the messages and activities will continue over the next few weeks, especially as I meet with all Year 13 every week all year.

So to kick things off we started with some goal setting and thinking about 'where to from here' after reflecting on when they first arrived at JMC. 

Geoff Ross, founder of 42 Below Vodka and CEO of Moa beer, Trilogy skincare and Ecoya brands kindly came along to talk about success, the future of employment and pass on his great wisdom and inspire the lads... "Fill your brain's". We enjoyed his talk and hearing about the trials, setbacks and successes he has had. 

Above all else, I stress to the lads at the start of the year to be aware of the importance of their reputation, as a great testimonial or reference could be the difference between the apprenticeship, scholarship, Hall of Residence, job or University they may soon be applying for. To polish their work ethic, punctuality, reliability, manner, grit and initiative, to name just a few of the qualities that will set them out from the competition. This is the year to step up, stand out, get stuck in, be involved, lead and make their mark both as individuals and as a year group.

Through the year we will cover a range of 'prepare you for life' topics, from addiction and mental well being to nutrition, managing stress and transitioning to Tertiary sessions. 

Geoff Ross addressing the Year 13's
Johnny Baker working on setting his goals.