Mathematics Department ... OMAthalon Hat Trick Denied!

Thursday 13th September 2018

The Mathematics department has been busy for the first part of this term organising and training students for the regional mathematics competitions. One of the main competitions we compete in and generally perform well is the OMAthalon Competition.

Senior OMAthalon Team - Ben, Jaiden, Boen and En
Senior OMAthalon Team - Ben, Jaiden, Boen and En

As per usual we had a large number of boys wanting to participate in both competitions. The senior competition is run like a quiz night except it is all about mathematics – matching Famous Mathematicians to their pictures and their discoveries, writing the Greek alphabet or naming songs that contain numbers in their titles. The junior competition is held at the Edgar Centre where problems are solved and the a runner runs around a track to their marker.

One of our Year 13 students, Boen Deng has been in the winning team from Year 7 up until this year – there were high hopes that along with his teammates they would take out the senior competition for the third year running. It was not to be – beaten into second place by 1.5 points, as they failed to listen carefully to all the information that was given in a verbal problem-solving question.


Year 9 1st: Martin Brook, Samuel Gradwell, Michael Buttery and Jack Timu
Year 10 2nd: Mason Prentice, Jed Thompson-Fawcett, Ali Dohan and William Tong
Senior Competition 2nd: Boen Deng, En Watanabe, Ben Wishart and Jaiden Tucker

Another challenge for seniors is the Eton Mathematics competition. Several boys enter this advanced competition and this year for the first time in the school history Boen Deng made it to the final. He was one of the top 15 students in the country out of 1100 entries. He travelled to sit the final challenge in Wellington and taken around the local hot spots – Weta Workshop, Te Papa etc.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Boen and his team who have been such loyal ambassadors to the Maths Department. They have been instrumental in training the younger boys for competitions, helping at tutorials and providing extension opportunities for juniors. Their enthusiasm for mathematics has enriched the learning of mathematics for many, including staff!

Senior OMAthalon Team - Jack, Will, George and Sam
Year 7 Team - Wei Hun Loh, Alex Piebenga, Will Kara and Oscar Ross
Year 10 - 2nd Place:  William Tong, Ali Dohan, Jed Thomson-Fawcett and Mason Prentice
Year 9 Team - Theo Hannagan, Finlay Tomkins, Enzo Hood and Joshua Thom
Year 9 Team - Zack Duff, Jack Murphy, Gary Yao and Xavier Edmond
Year 10 Team - Max Baldwin, Miro Williams, Caleb Oakley and Oscar Lobb
Senior OMAthalon Team - Ben, Jaiden, Boen and En
Year 7 Team - Jock McMillan, Finn Anderson, Ewan Beadell and Luk Pullar
Year 9 Team - Sam Cottier, Stanley McClure, James Patterson and Will Pringle
Year 9 Winners - Jack Timu, Michael Buttery, Martin Brook and Sam Gradwell
Year 9 Winners - Michael, Jack, Martin and Sam
Year 10 Team - Ali, William, Mason and Jed
Year 9 Team - William Little, Nic Friedlander, Ollie Sinclair and Ray Ma
Year 7 Team - Harrison Bowmar, Oliver Hamilton, Callum MacDiarmid and Henry Chafer