Record Number of Scholars' Tie Recipients

Monday 27th February 2017

Wearing that distinctive red & blue striped tie is becoming a statement of attitude and intent as more and more boys set themselves academic challenges and work hard to achieve them.

2016 Year 11 & 12 Scholars Tie Recipients
2016 Year 11 & 12 Scholars Tie Recipients

With over 50 students at Level 1 & 2 gaining Excellence Endorsements and higher, it's hardly surprising to hear that the college's academic results from 2016 are the best ever.  

With 99%, 100%, and 93% respective pass rates at Level 1, 2 & 3 NCEA, it is difficult, if not impossible to find another school in the country that can match this.  On top of this, we have have unprecedented success by many other measures as well, as students opt for other qualifications such as NZQA Scholarships or the IB Diploma.  

Most pleasing is the continued high & improving level of the GPA (Grade Point Average) which is a measure of quality rather than quantity.  The GPA allows us to compare our results with our previous years and to focus on continued improvement.  The verdict for 2016?  A personal best for team McGlashan!

Scholars Tie Recipients for 2016 were:

Year 11:

Jonathan Baker, Alex Byars, Daniel Clemens, Isaac Cooper, Angus Cotton, Boen Deng, Matthew Fokkens, Angus Frew, Bailey Godkin, Andrew Goh, Max Gomez, Jack Grey, Ben Hall, Andrew Hughes, Lachlan Kenneally, Jin Kim, Alex Leckie-Zaharic, Liam McHenry, Ben Mitchell, Cameron Moran, Jack Pacey, Will Paterson, Tom Shallard, Matt Silvey, Josh Stoddard, Ben Timmings, Jaiden Tucker, En Watanabe, Tyler Wilden, Ben Wishart, AJ Visagie.

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Year 12:

Lachie Bain, Henry Bell, Ryan Boult, Joe Brenssell, Charlie Baker, Daniel Tan, Courtland Ellis, Harry Fraser, Caleb Homersham, Fergus Keiller, James McPherson, Nathan Scott, Nick Page, Fraser Reid, Lucas Reid, Alfie Richardson, Robert Sangster, Ness Scully, Seb Sole, Alex Thomson, Stuart van Turnhout, Henry Ward.

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