Year 13 Chefs Competed this week

Friday 25th August 2023

As part of the Year 13 Food course year 13 students went head to head in their own chef competition on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Chefs Andrew Spiegel (left) and and Jim Byars pictured judging on day 2.

Individual competitors were tasked to complete 2 entree sized portions, professionally plated in 45 minutes. Carrots was the ingredient which needed to feature strongly in their dishes.

Modelled on professional competitions, every student started with 100 marks and the judges looked for points to deduct. Naturally, taste accounts for half of the marks. 

It was great to see every student rise to the challenge on each of the competition days. Everything from tempura carrots to a moreish carrot 'bacon' was created. Two gold medals (90-100 marks) were awarded along with many silver awards. These prizes will be presented as part of senior prize giving. A big thanks goes out to Gordon McKenzie, Andrew Spiegel and Jim Byars in generously giving their time to professionally judge the competition.