International Brother's Rail Trail Experience

Friday 24th February 2017

Rail trail - My brother and I went on the Central Otago Rail Trail last week. I travelled from Clyde to Middlemarch for three days. 

Actually, don’t even know how I finished that thing. At first I thought ‘how hard can riding a bike be?’ But after riding for a one day I was afraid to ride a bike again. Well, even though it was hard I think the rail trail was a very good experience. I used to live in the city, so I didn’t get to see lots of nature. But while I rode my bike, I saw a lot of beautiful landscapes and that really made me feel happy to be here. Also I made a lot of new friend in the rail trail. On the first day it wasn’t very hard. We stayed in the camp and played soccer with my classmates. I think the second day was the hardest. ⅔ of the course was up hills, so it was very hard to ride my bike. But the downhill part was very great. I had a lot of fun riding my bike down the hills. Third day was the easiest. It was all downhill for us since we already passed the highest point. We finally finished our rail trail when it was noon. I really enjoyed rail trail. It was fun and worthwhile. It was very tired but I think it was a very good experience for me. Next time I want to go with my family.