Soul Side perform at RockQuest Otago Regional Final 2024

Monday 1st July 2024

Check out this incredible performance of their original songs 'Green Caffeine' and 'Lazy Vertigo'.

It's been an absolute pleasure supporting the boys from Soul Side on their RockQuest journey throughout Term 2. They've worked hard to hone their original sound and grow together as a band, and we're absolutely stoked with how their performance came off on the night.

Whether it's Jamie's high intensity drumming, Chris' driving bass lines, Adam's effortlessly technical lead guitar lines, or Leo's brilliant rhythm & vocal delivery - there's something to love for fans of rock music new and old alike. It's awesome to watch their teamwork on display - everything comes together with a level of precision usually reserved for professional musicians - and I don't say that lightly!

The crowd certainly gave their seal of approval - what an incredible reaction as the boys brought the volume all the way down and right back up again towards the end of the set. We couldn't be more proud to have this band representing John McGlashan.

Soul Side are:

Leo Hill - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Adam Ludgate - Lead Guitar
Chris Body - Bass & Backing Vocals
Jamie Bradfield - Drums

Watch the video and make sure to keep your ears tuned as Soul Side work towards releasing their debut EP later this year.

Soul Side - RockQuest Otago Regional Final 2024