Building foundations to thrive on, JMC junior school.

Friday 13th May 2016

Our recently transformed learning environment of six small classes is thriving.  

All classes are producing fine results with our students enjoying, and whole heartedly immersing themselves in learning. Energy levels are high, attitude and behaviour are immaculate. We know this fine effort, growth and standard will continue throughout the year.

Some achievements in the junior school this year include-

  • U13 Otago touch team - Orlando Tuhega-Vaitupu Y7

  • Under 65 kg metro rugby reps- Tom Fowler, Fynn Allison and Ben Joseph Y7, Aaron Jones, Jed Thompson-Fawcett, Laquan Cheyne and Elias O’Kane, Peter Sewell Y8.

  • Under 48 kg metro rugby reps- Orlando Tuhega-Vaitupu, Phoenix Abbott and Marshall Macready Y7

  • Under 38kg metro rugby rep- Ollie Sinclair Y7

  • Otago swimming champs rep - Nate Wisnesky Y7

  • Surf lifesaving nationals - Ollie Sinclair, Y7

  • South Island surf lifesaving -Marshall Mccready (bronze medal) Y7

  • Otago Table tennis team - Oscar Grey Y7

  • Metro Cricket team - Alex Wilson, Reuben Cook, Oscar Sycamore Y8

  • Otago Touch Rugby -Oscar Sycamore Y8

  • Otago Tennis Reps -Anton Stoddard and Daniel Lund Y8

  • Otago Futsal team- Levi James, Saul Mawhinney Y8

  • Triathlon reps -Grayson Westgate Y8- 1st Dunedin Schools, 3rd Otago/Southland. Max Kirkwood Y8 - 2nd Dunedin Schools, 4th Otago/Southland.

  • Otago Basketball team -Oscar Sycamore, Peter Sewell and Anton Stoddard Y8.

  • Badminton Otago u15 - Matthew Godfrey Y8.

  • Nicholas Friedlander has been performing well for McGlashan in the Y9/10 debating competitions.

  • Thomas Meder and Jack Murphy- Otago blue rep team who came 2nd in South Island.

  • Orange Belt Kung Fu - Archie Dunn

  • Secondary Schools sailing regatta 3rd place -Daniel Tucker.

  • Division 2 futsal winning team - Dan Kunac. Max Baldwin, Noah Oseki,

  • 3rd in the Working Hunter event 'Horse of the Year' (National Competition), -Noah Coutts:

7Atr -Solomon Harcombe wrote:

Our first term and a bit at John McGlashan College has been highly successful and thoroughly enjoyable for the fresh faces on 7ATR. Littered with many exciting topics, projects and some fantastic achievements, it bodes well for an excellent year. Some of the unique endeavours our class have completed or are in the process of, include creating book trailers using iMovie which we will then create QR codes for. These codes then go inside the books on some of our library's best books. Our topic at the moment is 'Unsolved mysteries' this is a very intriguing path of learning, causing speculation and endless puzzlement between class members.

7Aho-Ben Joseph and Zach Smith wrote:

We think that small class sizes are great, especially because everyone is nice, everyone gets along and we have lots of opportunities to succeed. Our amazing teachers give all of us the time we need, to help us with the things we struggle in.

During writing last term we started our autobiographies, this was a fun and easy way to learn about people and also improve our writing skills. We have written about our ancestry, and then we move on to things like how our parents met and where they where born. After that we moved on to our first stages in life, like our first steps, first words and our first day of school. Right now we are writing and thinking about Hauora/ which means our total well being, it is being taught to us by Miss Salisbury our awesome student teacher. We were also working on improving our typing speed......

We all are really excelling and improving in reading as the reading inference tasks we are working on make us read more carefully than we used to.

PE started with athletics, it was fun but got harder, we did long jump,discus,shot-put, and sprints. Five star tests followed and we had to do all kinds of tests as well as create a goal to better by the end of the year.

Maths buddy is a great way to learn because we can use it anytime, we become responsible for our own learning, we can work at home and the teachers can see all of our progress and how often we are working on it. We are completing much more maths work than we have had before and we feel that we are making big gains this year in our understanding.

We played against Waihi in three different sports, Touch, Cricket and Tennis, during our summer interschool. The matches were very close and it was a great experience billeting boys from another school. We are looking forward to the winter exchange in Waihi during term three this year.

William Little 7Aho wrote:

'7AHO won the quiz and a huge prize during Choccywoccydodah week in the library. It was a chocolate egg almost the size of a football! The entire egg was devoured by the class leaving its humble container empty. You can still see its container if you go to the room 7AHO, we think it’s a trophy.

8Jro wrote:

In the classroom we are enjoying reading "Slide the Corner". The book was our inspiration for creating a static image and we will study it further for essay writing. We have had huge success in Maths, with peer collaboration during class to develop understandings in Algebra and now measurement.

The boys loved our topic of Ancient Civilisations and presented research of their own choosing in this field. Everyone is looking forward to learning more about WW1 and WW2. In writing we have been building up tools to for effective writing, and as we move into essay writing, each student has set themselves a new goal for term 2 with action points to achieve it.

8Mru wrote:

8MRU had a successful Term 1. Highlights included our class homework competition on Ancient Civilisations: the boys worked extremely hard and put in a lot of extra effort. Our top three were William Tong in first place, Daniel Johnson in second and Andre Radel in third place.

Some of our year 7 students really enjoy taking billets to help out visiting  sports teams. 'Beast' on the left, Tom Fowler 7Aho, Aaron on the rightSaint Joseph High School rugby tour to NZ 2016. 
Reading is the essence of learning.
Positive collaboration is paramount in life long learners.  Aho 2016
Orlando Tuhega-Vaitupu 7Mbe dives over to score a fantastic try for the Otago touch team.