Sunday 25th February 2018

As well as many 'old hands' we have some new faces to the IB teaching team this year.

IBDP Teachers 2018
IBDP Teachers 2018

This year, Mr Lars Thomsen joins our staff having taught previously at Christ's College.  Lars is teaching our Yr 12 standard level mathematics course and will follow these students through into Yr 13.  Lars has a broad experience in both NCEA & IB curricula and has had great success with senior scholarship students. 

Mrs Emily Hall, who began at the college last year in a relieving capacity is now filling a part-time role in teaching Physics to senior students and is taking the Yr 12 IB Physics course.  Emily, too, brings a broad experience and passion to her subject area - though we still need to chase her down for a photo :)

Other recent additions/changes to the IB team include Peter McCall who picked up both the IB Economics & Business & Management courses in 2017, and Nigel Pacey who forms half of the IB Chemistry teaching team.  

A key part of the IB success is the ongoing requirement for teachers to attend training workshops every 4-5 years to keep up with changes to curriculum or assessment practices.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our staff to also access valuable resources and to network with teachers from around the world.  This year we intend sending staff to workshops in English, History, TOK, and Language B, as well as representation at the Asia-Pacific regional conference as IB celebrates its 50th anniversary.