Thursday 9th February 2023

A warm welcome to all new families and students, and to our returning international students who were able to travel home for the first time in three years.

New staff 2023
New staff 2023

Five days in, and the boys have quickly settled into the routine of college life. Last week, when temperatures were predicted to push into the 30s, we decided to break away from the norm and allow boys to wear their sports uniforms to keep cool. Senior boys were especially pleased to discard their ties and long trousers.

Senior courses have also settled well. Course selection has been completed in collaboration with parents, and we expect that boys have made strategic choices for the 2023 academic year. A team of staff have closely scrutinised all courses to ensure that they are appropriately balanced while keeping the door open to suit their future ambitions.

New staff appointed for 2023:

Katherine Graham, Aotearoa New Zealand Histories, Health

Sandra Mattes-Renner, German

Hélène Navarro,  ESOL, IB Spanish

Existing staff with additional responsibilities:

Lizzie Clark,   HoD Languages

Lizzie Clark — Image by: Tony Gomez

Dominic Schumacher, Year 10 Dean

Dominic Schumacher — Image by: Tony Gomez

Kirstyn Sandall, General Manager, has now added the International portfolio to her role.

Kirstyn Sandall — Image by: Barry Kelk

If your son is going to be absent for an extended period, please contact the Principal in the first instance. There is no provision from the Ministry of Education for student absence for activities such as holidays. It is acknowledged that, in this post-COVID environment, some parents have taken the opportunity to visit family overseas.

I wish the boys well for a focused and productive year.

Kindest regards,

Neil Garry

School photos - 7LMC
Y13 leadership camp
Rex on the BBQ at the International BBQ
9NSM vs 9DSM longball competition
IBDP planting at Sinclair Wetlands
First school assembly
First school assembly