Sunday 15th May 2016

Year 8, 9 and 10 Spanish students honour their Mums.

We hope they made it home!
We hope they made it home!

Mothers are loved and appreciated but no more so than in the Spanish-speaking world. From the singing of “Las Mañanitas” (a traditional song) to the lengthy family ‘comida’ (lunch), the day is completely dedicated to celebrating and thanking Mothers.

The Year 8, 9 and 10 Spanish classes set aside a bit of time to write out their own cards in Spanish for ‘El Día de las Madres’ and enthusiastically produced messages of ‘gratitud’ y ‘cariño’. Hopefully, ‘el chocolate’ also made it home!

Year 9 presenting their finished mother's day cards
Year 9 working hard on mother's day cards.
Very focused on writing it correctly!
Making it look beautiful.
Oh so proud!
Focused work from Year 9!
This is fun - and yum!
Lucky mum!
Finished product!