Junior Chapel - Monday 14th September

Thursday 17th September 2015

Balloons, chocolates and volunteer actors storming the stage marked the junior-focused chapel held earlier this week.

The actors watch the action
The actors watch the action

While senior students were sitting their mock exams, we took the opportunity to hold a chapel service with particular focus on our Year 7-10 students. Cameron Moran, Max Roche and James Burchell kicked things off with a reading about Jesus' first miracle: turning water into wine. The highly entertaining duo of Mr McDonald and Dr Preston then led a dramatic re-interpretation of the story - employing considerable audience participation and using chocolates instead of wine. 

Students were asked to reflect on the different ways people express and receive love. This discussion was framed by Reverend Kelk's chapel services on the five 'love languages'. Jack Pacey and Boen Deng provided a thoughtful last word before Lachlan Kenneally said the prayer and blessing. 

We wish to acknowledge the Parents and Friends Association who provided the resources for the Chapel/Christian Education costumes. 

Cameron Moran, Max Roche and James Burchell read John 2:1-11 at Chapel
Students volunteer at Junior Chapel
The 'stewards' (Dr Preston and Mr McDonald) confer during the drama
The actors watch the action
Taking a bow
Gifts are brought to the head of the banquet
After taking a bow